Detroit Waza Get into the MLIS Pro Flow

The Detroit Waza are returning to professional indoor soccer with today's announcement that they have joined Major League Indoor Soccer.

The Waza were charter members of the Professional Arena Soccer League in 2008, and were league finalists in 2011-12 and 2012-13. Detroit was victorious in the 2012-13 US Open Arena Soccer Championship.

Originally named Detroit Waza Flo, the team played eight seasons in the PASL-Pro and the Major Arena Soccer League before playing two seasons in MASL2. Throughout the last 16 years the Waza have also maintained a presence in the amateur Premier Arena Soccer League.

The Detroit Waza pro team is part of the Waza FC (Flo Club) organization, which was founded in 1999. Waza FC is primarily a youth soccer club, but also competes in sports such as basketball and track, and runs leagues and camps locally, as well as outside of Michigan in places such as New York, and even Nigeria.

Team owners Mario and Dominic Scicluna, former pro indoor players who have been icons in indoor soccer the last 15+ years, decided that MLIS presented a good opportunity to get Waza back into a pro league three years after leaving MASL2. "Our club has seen significant growth and (Chicago Mustangs founder) Armando Gamboa called me and told me about MLIS and we're excited to get back into the ring with some old rivals like the Mustangs."

The name Waza means "technique" in Japanese and "to think clearly" in Swahili, two characteristics that will make Detroit a tough team to beat when they once again call the Detroit City Fieldhouse home for the 2022-23 season.