Major League Indoor Soccer - New Indoor Pro League To Debut 2022

CHICAGO - The newly formed Major League Indoor Soccer (MLIS) announced that it will begin to play in December 2022 featuring the best indoor soccer players from around the US and abroad.  MLIS will have teams across the US with eyes on expansion into Mexico and Canada.

"Indoor soccer in the U.S. has established a foothold across the country as a backbone to the outdoor game, keeping players fine-tuned during the off-season and also allowing specific markets across the US to play indoor soccer during the winter season, where otherwise no soccer could be played due to cold weather. Indoor soccer has had a storied history with multiple leagues over the years, creating some of the most historic games and memories. We have established a pro league that will give team owners the opportunity of becoming league owners as well," stated Dr. Sev Hrywnak President of MLIS.

Teams that have been vetted for the inaugural season are from Chicago, Indiana, Cincinnati, Michigan, Ohio and Rockford. Illinois. Applications have been received from Buffalo and Rochester (NY), Erie and Lehigh Valley (PA), Hartford (CT), and Detroit (MI).

"The investors in the league recognize that the financial model for success requires ownership in the league by the participating teams," stated Dominic Turcotte VP of Operations. "We have assembled a talented group of business people to oversee the league operations," added Turcotte.

"The new structure of team owners being league owners will guarantee equal voices in the operation. We are partners in the league and competitors on the field," stated Hrywnak.

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