MLIS and Go Live Sports Cast Reach Global Viewers During Playoff Action

May 14, 2024 Trenton, Michigan  - The April 14th MLIS Championship match had over 9,478 viewers, with a combination of 700+ watching online, and the rest on more than 7 OTT platforms from TCL to CiaoUSA, says Frank Mazzella, owner of Go Live Sports Cast.
"Going live on OTTs brings in a much higher viewing audience with actual trackable numbers. Would the numbers have been bigger if it were during primetime Saturday night? That would be a given, but we will happily take these numbers, the 22 countries tuning in for the game, and the MLIS getting the exposure it deserves."
The countries include: Albania, Argentina, Germany, Guatemala, United Kingdom, Canada, Chile, Italy, New Guinea, Brazil, Iraq, Spain, Ireland, El Salvador, Jordan, Liberia, Morocco, Mexico, Switzerland, India and Peru.
In the United States, viewership swept the map from Brooklyn to Anchorage, from La Jolla through Reno and on to Miami. Eight hundred and fifty U.S. cities tuned in.
"You get a good grassroots bang for your buck on Go Live Sports Cast and the OTTs," says Kelly Rinne, who handles tech ops for the company. "Most major networks charge leagues/teams at this level for pay to play, with no guaranteed numbers."
 "You can sit your live broadcast on one platform such as YouTube/Facebook and that file goes out to your regular followers," says Mazzella. "Using our full distribution platform including the OTTs brings it to viewers that never would have found it buried on that solo platform."
"Go Live Sports Cast partnering with the venue, teams and the MLIS makes it a no brainer to keep growing the audience," he continues. "We've seen great growth this season and know the future will only get bigger and better all the way around."
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