MLIS Announces Eastern Division Schedule

In the first of a series of schedule announcements, Major League Indoor Soccer today announced the 2022-23 schedule for the league's Eastern Division, which consists of the Cleveland Crunch, Cincinnati Swerve, Detroit Waza, and Rapid City FC.

MLIS teams, aligned into the Eastern, Central, and Southern Divisions, respectively, will play a 12-game schedule during the regular season. The first Eastern Division game will take place in Cincinnati on December 3, as the Swerve host Rapid City, and the division schedule will end with a pair of games on March 19. Nineteen of the division's 24 home games will take place after New Year's Day.

The Cleveland Crunch will open their third season on December 10. Following a three-game road trip, Cleveland will open their home schedule on January 28, the first of four home games at the I-X Center.

On December 17 Cincinnati and Detroit continue their intense rivalry that dates back to the 2008 inception of the Professional Arena Soccer League. Detroit's first home game will be on December 18.

Rapid City, the division's lone new entrant, will play their first home game on December 17.

"Our front office and all of our team owners put a lot of work into starting MLIS, and our first schedule is the culmination of all that hard work," said MLIS Vice President of Operations Dominic Turcotte. "I can't wait for the games to get underway."

MLIS will announce the Central and Southern Division schedules in the near future along with the playoff format.