MLIS Expands West, Welcomes Colorado Bucks SC

Chicago, IL - Major League Indoor Soccer announced its second expansion team for the 2023-24 season, welcoming the Colorado Bucks SC, making the Denver-based team its new westernmost outpost.

The Bucks, led by Dan Delin, Francesca Craver, and Joshua Craver-DeCredico, will play their home games at Foothills Fieldhouse in Littleton.

"We want to provide a different type of soccer to the state of Colorado that is high scoring, fast paced, and entertaining," said Craver-DeCredico. "By joining MLIS, it gives us an opportunity to do just that, while also showcasing our players’ talents and our coaches’ abilities.

"Our goal this year is to bring professional indoor soccer back to the Denver Metro area by growing the love of soccer, providing a fun family atmosphere, and developing a culture of success for the club and our community."

"We are thrilled to welcome the Colorado Bucks to MLIS," said league Commissioner Dominic Turcotte. "Our westward expansion is literally putting MLIS indoor soccer on the map, and creates new opportunities and new rivalries that will add excitement to our upcoming season."