MLIS Match Week Five: Lima vs. Cleveland and Chicago vs. Denver Showdowns

As Match Week Five unfolds in the Major League Indoor Soccer (MLIS), fans are gearing up for another weekend of exciting encounters. 

Lima vs. Cleveland: Crunch's Home Opener

The spotlight turns to the Soccer Sportsplex, where the Cleveland Crunch is gearing up for their home opener against Lima. Both teams are hungry for a win, with Lima carrying a 0-2 record and the Crunch looking to bounce back from their 0-1 start.

The match kicks off at 7:00 PM EST.

Chicago vs. Denver: Mustangs Take on the Bucks

Simultaneously, the Chicago Mustangs will head to Denver to face the Colorado Bucks at 8:00 PM MST at the Foothills Fieldhouse. The Bucks will be aiming to defend their home turf.

Will Lima secure their first win of the season, or will the Crunch defend their home turf? Meanwhile, the clash between Chicago and Denver adds another layer of excitement. Be sure to tune in to