"The Soccer Moneyball" to Up the Stakes at MLIS Games

Major League Indoor Soccer today introduced a new game experience known as "The Soccer Moneyball" which will be used during every home team power play throughout the season.

Cash or prizes, determined by the home team, will be given away if a goal is scored with "The Soccer Moneyball". 

"Fan interaction is more important than ever in the streaming age," said MLIS Commissioner Dominic Turcotte. "The in-person game experience is what drives everything from sponsors to broadcasting. This is something that will enhance the atmosphere at MLIS games, and our fans are going to have a lot of fun with it."

"The Soccer Moneyball" is being produced exclusively for MLIS by Heritage Athletics, who are also providing the league's main game ball. Anytime the home team is awarded a power play, the regular game ball will be swapped out for "The Soccer Moneyball", which will remain in play until a power play goal is scored or the next ball out of play following the conclusion of the power play. As long as a goal is scored with The Money Soccer Ball, prizes will be awarded whether or not the goal is scored on the power play.