The Colorado Bucks and Kings came out in high energy and ready to play Saturday.

In the first quarter of the match between the Omaha Kings and the Colorado Bucks, both teams displayed intense competitiveness. The Colorado Bucks struck first at the 3:41 mark with a power-play goal by Miguel Avilas, assisted by Josue Jimenez, giving them an early lead of 1-0. However, Daniel Zuckweiler, assisted by Bobby Jaffery, scored. With the score at 1-1, the Kings continued to press, and David Panter scored putting the Kings ahead 2-1. 

The second quarter saw a flurry of goals and lead changes. Just 42 seconds into the second quarter, Tomas Tapia of the Colorado Bucks scored an even-strength goal, leveling the score at 2-2. The Omaha Kings responded with a goal from Zuckweiler regaining the lead. The game remained dynamic as the Colorado Bucks, on a power play, equalized at 3-3 with a shootout goal from Ventura Dominguez at 7:28. The Kings, however, quickly seized control again, with Caio Brito scoring a goal at 8:37, followed by a power-play goal from Leonides Mejia. The Kings further solidified their lead with a goal from Zuckweiler, ending the second quarter with the Omaha Kings leading 6-3.

In the third quarter, Panter scored twice putting the Kings' lead to 8-3. However, the Colorado Bucks mounted a comeback, with Bryan Vazquez scoring a goal at 12:22, narrowing the deficit to 8-4. The Bucks continued to press, and Mario Leon added another making it 8-5.

The fourth quarter was high-scoring and eventful. The quarter began with a goal from Morgan Penn of the Omaha Kings, extending their lead to 9-5. However, Vazquez of the Colorado Bucks responded, narrowing the gap to 9-6. Panter scored a goal at 4:46, making it 10-6. A power-play shootout goal from Dominguez at 6:20 brought the Bucks within three points at 10-7. The Kings maintained their lead with goals from Mejia and Lira. With the score at 12-7, The Bucks fought back with a goal from Nasr Ali Abid at 9:26.  Mejia scored on another power play, making it 13-8. Dominguez scored again for the Bucks at 12:31, utilizing an extra attacker to bring the score to 13-9. The Omaha Kings sealed their victory with a power-play shootout goal from Mejia at 13:08, securing a final score of 14-9 in favor of the Kings. Omaha advances to 4-0, Colorado advances to 0-3.