Omaha Defeats Colorado: The Week That Was 12/10

The start of the Major League Indoor Soccer’s second season was nothing short of a nail-biter.

The Omaha Kings and Colorado Bucks SC came out strong defensively in the first quarter, allowing no goals for the first several minutes with back-and-forth field action.

Around the 10-minute mark, last year's MLIS league MVP, Manuel Lira, scored two goals, followed by another goal from Kings’ Pedro Tostes. Kings’ Gabi Gaiotto scored two more goals in the first for the Kings, putting the score at 5-0. The Bucks fought till the end of the first, when Tomas Tapia found the back of the net with seconds left, putting the score at 5-1.

Omaha wasted no time in the second quarter, when Galioto found the back of the net for his third of the night, putting the Kings up 3-1. 

The Bucks, determined, fought back and put one in goal from Miguel Avilas. The Kings led 6-2 at the end of the first half. 

The third quarter was intense. The Bucks came out strong. Mario Leon and Alan Roque put two in the net. With the score 6-4, Kings’ Gaiotto responded with his fourth goal of the evening, putting the Kings back up by 3.

Bryan Vazquez and Nasr Ali Abid, both Colorado players, were handed blue cards and served 2-minute penalties. Additionally, Matu Chol from the Kings received a blue card, heightening the intensity in the second half.

In the fourth quarter, the Bucks seized the opportunity presented by the Kings receiving a blue card. Tapia capitalized on the power play, scoring and bringing the score to 7-5 around the 12-minute mark. Shortly thereafter, Josh Thompson of the Bucks also found the net, narrowing the score to 7-6.

But goals from Kings’ Gaiotto and Lira secured the victory for the Kings. The match concluded with a final score of 9-6.