Wichita Selection Latest Successful Club to Go Pro in MLIS

Long-time indoor soccer team, Wichita Selection, will make their first foray into professional soccer by joining Major League Indoor Soccer for the 2022-23 season.

Selection has played the last five seasons in the elite amateur Premier Arena Soccer League. Wichita will now field both an amateur and a professional team as the organization continues to grow.

"Maintaining a PASL team will give us an opportunity to have a developmental squad in which we can tailor individuals to the indoor game and our style of play," said Selection owner Tico Rodriguez. "This will in turn create an opportunity for players to move up to the next level as they perfect their skills."

Wichita will play their six-game home schedule at The Sports Zone.

"When we started this team, our goal has always been to give the local talent an opportunity to play indoor soccer at a level higher than what you can get from a local league team," said Rodriguez. "With joining MLIS, we now can compete with other well known indoor soccer teams from across the country, and offer more advancement opportunities. 

"We have high standards for a strong team, both MLIS and PASL. We are very excited for this opportunity and know that the Wichita Selection fans will be just as excited. Even though there are some really well established teams in this league, our team goal is to win the national title."