Excitement Abounds as MLIS Unveils 2023-24 Season Schedule

[November 3, 2023] - The Major League Indoor Soccer (MLIS) has unveiled its 15-week regular schedule for the 2023-24 season, consisting of six powerhouse teams: Chicago Mustangs, Cleveland Crunch, Rapid City FC, Omaha Kings, Colorado Bucks SC, and Ohio Extreme.

Each MLIS team will play 12 regular-season games, with four teams destined for playoffs.

The highly anticipated second season of MLIS will begin on Saturday, Dec. 16 in Denver, featuring an exciting matchup between newcomer Colorado Bucks SC and the Omaha Kings. Following this, the Omaha Kings will return home on Dec. 23 to kick off their home season against the Chicago Mustangs and will then face off against the Colorado Bucks again on Dec. 29 at home. The majority of the regular-season games will take place after New Year's Eve. 

The Chicago Mustangs kick off their home season schedule on Jan. 6 against the Ohio Extreme, who are making their debut in the division this year. Following this encounter, Chicago will hit the road and head to Denver on Jan. 13 to go head-to-head with the Colorado Bucks.

Meanwhile, the reigning 2022-23 MLIS champions, Rapid City FC, will kick off their regular season at home on Sunday, Dec. 31 against the Ohio Extreme. The excitement continues as Rapid City hosts the Cleveland Crunch, on Jan. 7 on their home turf.

After the Cleveland Crunch launches its regular season in Grand Rapids on Jan. 7, they will return home to mark their home opener against the Ohio Extreme on Jan. 13. 

As for the Ohio Extreme, after completing a two-game road trip, they are set to introduce their home schedule on Jan. 20 against the Colorado Bucks.

"I am delighted to present the exhilarating schedule for the 2023-24 season,” said Dr. Sev, Majority Owner of the MLIS. “The upcoming season is a testament to our commitment to the sport's growth and the fans' unwavering support. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through the world of indoor soccer!" 

As the MLIS season is brimming with potential, it's destined to keep fans on the edge of their seats. To view each team’s full regular season schedule, please visit their websites.